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The advantages of cooperating with Kinkyescapes at a glance


Creation of a professional listing
We visit your accommodation and take professional photos and videos, which will be featured on our website after editing. In addition, we compose a high-quality description combined with a perfect presentation, which will highlight the essence and atmosphere of your accommodation.

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Responsive Webdesign
Did you know that 65% of Internet users use a mobile phone for surfing? Your future listing will be featured on our website across all devices, to increase usability and turnover.


Our marketing channels are optimally used to have a very high reach. We market your accommodation to a large number of interested customers throughout the year. Our vigorous marketing strategy allows us to directly refer potential customers looking for accommodation for erotic journeys. A clear advantage that you definitely should utilize.

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Free Service
We are here to help you. We offer you a personal consultation from Monday to Friday. In addition, we provide full customer support, so that you can sit back and relax.


Customer Reviews
We offer customer online reviews, as a guide for the rental. This will improve the trust in our customers and also provide direct feedback on your accommodation and customer satisfaction.


Payment options
We offer a secure online payment system for customers. Payments will be processed by Kinkyescapes upon successful booking. Our secure online payment system offers credit card payment, instant bank transfer and PayPal.


Free of charge
The creation of the listing, the professional photos and videos, is free for you. There are no registration fees or ongoing costs for our partners. The creation of the ad is also completely free. Kinkyescapes only charges 17% commission on each successfully confirmed booking.


You determine your price. Additionally, you can set the availability and house rules for your listing. This will make your life as a host much easier.

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No risk
You have maximum freedom as an owner, there is no exclusive contract with us and you have the option to book the accommodation by yourself. In addition, you have to confirm each booking before it can be performed. The minimum contract period is 1 year. The notice period is 3 months before expiration. In case of non-termination, the contract will be extended by one year.


Increased Sales
The accessing of new customer groups with a clear focused marketing plan for your accommodation will lead to a better occupancy rate and ultimately to an increased turnover.

Did we spark your interest?

Stay patient! We are primarily focused in the German-, Austrian- and Swiss market at the moment. We are planning to expand worldwide in Q4 2019.